Mechanical Engineering

Turn your vision into a physical reality through thoughtful balance of form and function. We distill complex structural problems into their most simple expression to achieve solutions with unparalleled elegance.


Enclosure design

Incorporate advanced features into your design such as hooks and cut-outs, while considering environmental factors such as heat, water, and vibration.

Mechanism development

We’ll implement designs that convert input forces into the desired output movements. Our capabilities include gears, belts, cams, and breaks.

Structural and thermal analysis

Simulation tools such as ANSYS are used to solve complex problems related to structural fatigue, heat transfer, and fluid flow.

Manufacturing test fixtures

Test fixtures answer the question of: When and how will a design fail? These are then used to ensure design failures don’t occur during your product’s useful life.

Product visualization

With 3D visualizations of your product, you’ll have clarity into the workings of important mechanisms prior to cutting tools for production.

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