Build your team of hardware development experts

Our platform optimizes product requirements, builds your product breakdown structure, and assembles a team of top engineers.

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Why is agile hardware development more critical than ever before?

More complex designs require deeper expertise. Work with product design firms and talent that have the skills you need

Global supply chains have local impact.Sourcing experts improve product readiness

Innovation cycles are shorter.Get to market faster with higher quality designs


Our agile approach to development increases your competitiveness

A distributed team of experts…

We use our network to assemble your ideal mix of product design firms and individual experts.

Utilize resources with greater elasticity.

Reduce administrative burdens. Improve the quality of your designs

Why work with our network of experts?

R&D savings

>150% Fewer design errors save on development costs


3 days: start a project at unparalleled speed


150% Increase in proposals received for your project

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