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Work with SILSYNC to design hardware rated for the harshest and most serious working conditions. Our designs for aerospace applications adhere to FAA standards. Whether terrestrial or interplanetary, our highly credentialed team gives your mission the greatest odds of success. We design for high speed, density and complexity.



A consumer product is an extension of your brand and attention to detail is needed to ensure that it communicates your values. Careful consideration is given when choosing the product’s colors, materials, and finishes. Form and function are thoughtfully balanced to ensure the right experience is delivered and that your customer’s needs are fully addressed.


Our history is rooted in designing products for industrial applications such as automation and robotics. Previous experience in the field of robotics has won us awards and resulted in notable media coverage. For these applications, special focus is given on control impedance, actuators, and motors. We can help you build highly efficient manufacturing processes.



The unique challenges and rewards of designing products that sustain human life are reveled at SILSYNC. We work with you to design products that are safe and effective with a high level of assurance. Our designs for medical applications adhere to the standards recognized by the FDA. We can assist with class I, II, or III medical devices.

Responsible design

SILSYNC promises not to accept design work on products that undermine consumer privacy or whose primary application is to cause bodily harm. Before working with a product design firm we challenge you to ask them their stance on responsible design.

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