Firmware Development

While a product’s industrial design creates a tactile experience, embedded software delivers the special differentiating factor. This factor is nothing short of magic. It’s ethereal and inspiring yet familiar at the same time.


Cryptographically secure

Our firmware designs are cryptographically secure with watchdog timers to prevent bricking. Robustness is built-in through array bounds and regression testing of the code-base.

IoT communication design

We help you select the right technology (WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, and Cellular), implement the proper protocols, and integrate into popular technology platforms.

Mesh networking and device provisioning

Design and deploy a mesh network of sensors and provision your devices to communicate with the proper server or gateway.

Cloud architecture design

We’ll take your technical and business requirements to create a cloud architecture based on AWS, Azure or Google that enables you to deploy highly-scalable applications.

Mobile app development

Leverage our software development experience to deliver an elevated user experience. iOS and Android apps enhance the value you deliver to users.

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