Electrical Engineering

Our world-class team and partners harness the powers of electromagnetic forces to create the brain and nervous system of your product. Electrical engineering is at the center of every product as the world becomes more connected.


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design

We specify the board’s requirements, generate the schematic, place the components, and then lay the traces.

Mixed-signal design

Our engineers are experienced in designing circuits that combine analog and digital signals. We also have capabilities for radio frequency (RF) design and testing.

Antenna design and tuning

We’ll work with you to select an antenna that fits your product’s need for wireless applications. Next, we’ll hone the antenna’s geometry from its length to its feed.

Motors and actuators

Our history is rooted in mechatronic systems that combine motors and actuators. Products with applications in the aerospace and robotic automation fields are specialties.

Battery and power management systems

We’ll determine your product’s power needs and consider different chemistries to find the right solution. Our capabilities also include ultra-low power designs.

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